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Borrowers often have two hesitations when it comes to taking out a payday loan. First, they don't want to go through the hassle of having their record scrutinized by lenders. People who need to borrow frequently have financial challenges, so a credit check is a major deterrent to most traditional forms of borrowing. For most applicants, a credit check either means a rejected application or outrageously high interest rates.

Secondly, consumers are sometimes reluctant to borrow payday loans because they don't want to go to the trouble of gathering up the necessary documents and faxing them to a lender. Commonly, just finding all of the documents required for your paycheck loan is enough of a hassle, let alone having to find a fax machine to get them to your provider. Unless you have a fax machine of your own, fax machines cost you money and time. But we are here to let you know that no fax no credit check payday loans do exist, and we can help you find them.

Qualify Easily

These services have very simple requirements to qualify. You do not have to pass an in-depth check of your financial history, so your past mistakes will not come back to haunt you (will vary). Most lending companies are only concerned with your current employment and monthly income, so a flawed financial record should not preclude you from qualifying (varies accordingly). For the most part, as long as you have a job that provides a certain amount of income each month, you have a good chance of qualifying for assistance (varies accordingly).

Forgo the Faxing

When you're in a financial pinch, the last thing you want to be doing with your time is finding a fax machine in order to send piles of documents to your lender. We believe that consumers should be able to get the help they need as soon as possible without any unnecessary stress. When you search for a loan using our free comparison service, we'll find you a provider that offers the kind of loan you need. If you could use some help, we'll find you a company that provides that option.

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Our job is to help you find a company that offers these services, and we can do so as soon as we have your contact information. To get started, just sign up with the online form included on this page. We'll ask you a few questions so we can better match you with one of our trusted affiliates. As soon as we get your form, one of our partners will give you a no-cost quote to review before you decide your next step.

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